Exercise Your Freedom of Speech!

For our Wednesday, June 7th show, we will be COMING IN HOT for PBS with an open mic!

We have already raised hundreds of dollars for the ACLU, ILRC, and Planned Parenthood and now it’s time for PBS!

Time to exercise your freedom of speech as Coming in Hot opens its doors and stage while raising money for PBS.

With at least a $5 donation to PBS, you can drop your name into the bucket to get 5 minutes of stage time.

This a great way to support a great cause, meet the show’s producers and speak your mind.

We’ll have some awesome guest comics:

Shelagh Ratner
Danny Lobell
Jen Curcio

And of course your Coming in Hot pals:

Leah Dubie
Jessica Glassberg
Katie Massa Kennedy

So, bring some cash and come hang out.


Check out our Facebook invite:




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